Getting back to throwing and hitting after recovering from an injury

Returning from an injury can sometimes be difficult for young athletes. As they return to throwing and hitting- they key is to have a plan.  It is sometimes hard to know what you’re supposed to do. So, the player is just sort of “worked back in” to practice.

There has to be a plan.  In my book,  I provide schedules which guide the player from the first throws to full bullpens and game situation throwing (hitting progression program is also given), and I think it is a great guide to go by. There are other good plans out there too though. The point is to have a plan, so that every day the athlete knows what he/she is doing that day.

Remember, if pain returns during any phase of the throwing or hitting progression, then we have to stop and go back a step…. DON’T PUSH THROUGH PAIN!!

Make a plan – Follow the plan – Get back in the Game……SAFELY!