FUNdamentals Phase of Long Term Athletic Development (Phase 2)

FUNdamentals-Phase 2
Ages: 5-9 Boys/5-8 Girls (developmental age)

Our goal during this period is to focus on the development of the ABC’S (agility, balance, coordination, and speed) of athleticism, hand-eye coordination, and sport’s specific skills. Encourage your children to play multiple sports-every sport has specific skills that transfer to others. For example, if a child cannot kick a ball, they do not learn weight transfer and balance necessary for proper lower body mechanics needed during pitching. A great way to teach these skills is an obstacle course. Set up an obstacle course that requires children to perform tasks such as crawling through a tunnel, jumping over an object, weaving through sticks, or even skipping. Something like an obstacle course allows them to run through and play, race them if you want. Its ok to make it competitive, kids like that. Keep the FUN in FUNdamentals.