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Is there a “best” shoulder exercise for young baseball players?

This is a question that I am asked quite often. There is no perfectly correct answer. The key for all athletes, especially young athletes, is to make sure that the muscles of the shoulder are balanced. Generally, I would simply encourage 2 “pulling” type exercises for every 1 “pushing “ type exercise.  The small muscles on the back of the shoulder blade (scapula) and the rotator cuff muscles all provide balancing forces for the stronger muscles in the front of the chest like the pectoral muscles.

If I had to choose one exercise for young baseball players to do….it would without question be the “Sleeper” stretch.  The Sleeper stretch helps make sure that the back of the shoulder doesn’t get too tight. The sleeper stretch is an injury preventer – plain and simple.

The sleeper stretch should be included in any “pre-hab” (as we call it) program.  A full exercise and pre-hab routine is a vital part of both in season and off season workouts for youth baseball players


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