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Just as baseball season is hitting it’s stride across the country, a new book titled Play Ball… Play Safe is teaching parents and coaches to better cope with the demands on today’s young players. Author and doctor Wesley Cox is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who has seen an alarming increase in injuries among kids. The most troubling trend is that most all of the injuries are preventable.

“Today’s youth baseball is played much differently that it was a generation ago when today’s parents and coaches were kids,” Cox said. “The players are bigger, stronger, and faster. The season is longer and the training is more demanding.” It’s no wonder that the next-generation concepts explained in Play Ball… Play Safe are already receiving wide spread recognition from both renowned physicians and professional athletes. Detroit Tigers pitcher Drew Smyly agrees with Dr. Cox, “Taking care of your body begins younger than we think, and playing at the next level requires that we do it well. Start good habits in youth baseball, and our kids will play longer and better.”

The Arkansas-based surgeon’s practical advice includes: How to Warm up and Cool Down. Monitoring the Amount of Play, Focusing on Fitness, Recognizing Minor Problems Before They Become Major and Making sure it’s fun…After all, it’s still just a game.

Play Ball… Play Safe is on bookshelves now and available at and It can be downloaded on Amazon Kindle or through the iTunes Bookstore.

Getting back to throwing and hitting after recovering from an injury

Dr. Cox enjoys coaching little league baseball and football Returning from an injury can sometimes be difficult for young athletes. As they return to throwing and hitting- they key is to have a plan.  It is sometimes hard to know what you’re supposed to do. So, the player is just sort of “worked back in” to practice. There has to be a plan.  In my book,  I provide schedules […]

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